Corporate Officers

Thomas P. Sheahen, PhD, PE – Director
Physicist — Consultant on energy and environmental sciences
52 Wanderer Lane
Deer Park, Maryland 21550

Marianne Postiglione, RSM, MA, M. Mus. – Associate Director
2800 Olive Street
St Louis, Missouri 63103

Sebastian Mahfood, OP PhD – Secretary
Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Vice-President of Administration
Holy Apostles College & Seminary
33 Prospect Hill Road
Cromwell, CT 06416-2027

The Honorable Thad F. Niemira – Treasurer
Retired Circuit Court Judge
4924 Sutherland
St Louis, Missouri 63109


Rev. Robert A. Brungs, SJ

Board Members

Professor Benjamin F. Abell
Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
St. Louis University
St. Louis, Missouri

Robert J. Collier, PhD
University of Arizona
Animal Sciences
Tucson, Arizona

Lauren Lester, MS
Physics Teacher
Rosati-Kain High School
St. Louis, Missouri

Fr. Earl Muller, SJ
Priest, Systematic Theologian
Kenrick-Glennon Seminary
St. Louis, Missouri

Ralph Olliges, PhD
Educational Technology
Associate Professor – Webster University
St. Louis, Missouri

Patrick Panozzo, M. Div.
Theology Teacher
Nerinx Hall High School
St. Louis, Missouri

Deacon Donald Sparling, PhD
Associate Director of the Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, Illinois

Carla Mae Streeter, OP, PhD
Associate Professor – Systematic Theology
Aquinas Institute of Theology
St. Louis, Missouri

Stacy Trasancos, PhD
Manager of ITEST Facebook
Adjunct Professor at Holy Apostles College & Seminary
Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University
Cromwell, CT